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If you have a slab of concrete that needs to be cut , call our team today. We have the equipment and expertise it takes to make clean, straight cuts in concrete slabs, floors, roads, bridges and so much more!

Slab/Flat Sawing


Don't leave your property exposed to the dangers of inexperienced technicians with improper equipment. Our team maintains smaller 400 Cycle electric saws for interior cutting and trenching and larger gas saws for exterior and road work, to ensure that we have the tools necessary to handle any slab or flat sawing job.

Trust the team with over 20 years of experience

•  Slabs

•  Floors

•  Roadways

•  Bridge decks

•  Exterior work

•  And more!


Flat sawing is a powerful and efficient way to make straight cuts into your concrete. Most often used in exterior jobs, flat sawing is perfect for road and bridge work. Contact us today and see if it's right for your job!

Turn to us for clean, professional concrete cutting service

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Why use flat sawing?

Our expert operators know how to get the most out of our superior equipment

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